To The Moon

Hello guys! I apologize for the extremely long hiatus (kinda had a lot on my mind recently). But nonetheless, I am back and here with my thoughts on a game that I recently finished!


To The Moon

To The Moon is a game that I managed to come across as a suggestion after finishing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Brothers, being a such a heart tugging experience, I began To The Moon ready for some tear-shed near the end which was ultimately what happened.

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Working Together (Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons)

During this past week, the theme of teamwork has been repeatedly showing its face. It all started from marching band to my innovation project. I realized how important it is to work together as a team when it comes to large projects such as these. In addition, it’s always nice to have somebody around to help you and work equally as hard (most of the time…).

During this past week, I recently came across a very interesting game called Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons that displayed the exact theme of teamwork in the most innovative way.


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The Quiet Place

The other day in class, we were allowed to use our phones to fuel our brains with inspiration and creativity. Throughout class, I caught glimpses of people checking their Facebook notifications or Twitter accounts before resuming their browsing of the internet. This got me thinking… Well actually, I’d like to have this website explain my thoughts for me:

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The Power of Giving

These past few weeks have been stressful as I was assigned a project where I had to innovate something in either my life or others’ lives (or both). Through all this stress, I ignorantly forgot what it meant to truly give out and help people out in the real world. I then recently remembered a past video that I came across. I hope it sparks an inspiration in you guys as it did for me…

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Review: Gone Home (A Short Message at the End)

Hello! This here will be my full on review of the game Gone Home.

Gone Home

Gone Home

Gone Home is an interactive exploration simulator that was recently published by the Fullbright Company on August 15, 2013. Since the release, critics have been known to be giving Gone Home extremely high scores. Nonetheless, the game received much controversy and negative feedback from many gamers. Despite by the varying of positive and negative feedback, I personally have my own set of viewpoints on this game.

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What is a Hero Without a Sidekick?

Recently these past few weeks I was assigned a book to read over the semester. This book happened to be the Oedipus Cycle by Sophocles. Some of you may be wondering how a book, especially the Oedipus Cycle, has anything to do with Video Gaming. With all due respect, I can’t think of any better way of understanding a book than to connect with it on a level that pertains to my own interests. Hopefully this will spark some interest in people’s minds, but in no way should this post be taken on a literal level (for this will only be my thoughts to help aid me through understanding the book).

Like Oedipus, I believe that almost everyone can agree in a way that most, if not, all protagonists in Video Gaming history have had to overcome hardships, whether it be saving the world, slaying zombies, or clearing a dungeon from all its demonic creatures. The variety of games today seems nearly endless that it’s nearly impossible to zone on a single topic that each the book and gaming have in common. In an effort to save myself from the hassle, I decided to pick a character that I believe shared much similarity to Oedipus in his adventures.

WARNING: To avoid any spoilers of Bioshock Infinite, please do NOT proceed reading!

Don’t Take the Chance

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First Impressions: Torchlight II

Howdy folks! This here will be my first video game review. 🙂 Enjoy!

So recently one of my closest friend introduced me to a new RPG game named Torchlight II. Being a bit skeptical and hesitant about this game I decided to see how it all played out. After seeing the HUD and interface of the game, I thought automatically to myself “Wow.. This is a LOT like Diablo III.” If some of you may not know, Diablo III had been a recently popular RPG game released by Blizzard Entertainment. In my ignorance, I was informed that a few designers of Diablo I and II had teamed up to create Torchlight. After watching my friend play the game, I started becoming a bit interested in the gameplay and eventually went home to get the game myself. So here’s my thoughts on the gameplay!

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