Something seems fishy about this game.. [Classroom Aquatic]

I’m sure nearly everyone is familiar with that feeling as you stare blankly down at your test as everyone swiftly writes away at their own. And how all seems at a lost unless you turn to your last resort of staring at that smart neighbor’s test paper as they foolishly forget to cover it.

buuuutttt of course you decide against it because that probably wouldn’t look too good on your permanent record.. Unless you’re a foreign exchange student in a school full of dolphins.

Classroom Aquatic is a game where you play in an underwater classroom of dolphins as a foreign student. Your simple task is to take and pass a test in a given amount of time, but there’s a small catch… All the questions are trivial and absurdly difficult to anyone but a dolphin.

So reasonably your task would be to cheat off of your classmates’ papers. Don’t get caught doing anything fishy or your teacher will catch you and check off one of the three chances that you have left before game over.

But there’s always that option of throwing erasers at objects in your classroom or your classmates to create a distraction.

avoidgazeThere’s not much else to this game, but it’s really original and creative in its own little ways. It’s dolphinately a fun and entertaining game when you’re bored.

I had fun playing the game and testing its mechanics and it didn’t fail to put a smile on my face (who can’t smile/laugh at adorable dolphins?).

This game is still in its early stages and currently being kickstarted so I would recommend all of you guys to check the game out and sea for yourself since it is currently free to download.

[pun count: 3]


2 thoughts on “Something seems fishy about this game.. [Classroom Aquatic]

    • Hallooo! Unfortunately, Classroom Aquatic was converted to a torrent file (but it’s still free!) and can be downloaded at “”
      Be careful when downloading uTorrent because it’ll have like some offers for other softwares, which you should decline!

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