The Heroic Sacrifice

Remember that last remaining cookie that you gave to your starving friend? Or that time when you spent time helping your little brother/sister on their math problems? Whatever it was that you did to make a person feel better and regardless of how small it was, it was truly a noble sacrifice on your own part.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of that one would be willing to sacrifice so much for a loved one. It’s not even an uncommon thing as we see it on the news frequently of the amazing courage of both children and adults, but that doesn’t make it any less brave and heroic.

It kinda makes me wonder to myself if I were to be given the most unfortunate chance, would I risk my own life for someone I love? I’ll knock on wood just in case..

Lee and Clementine (The Walking Dead)

Even characters that we all know and love are constantly making sacrifices for their loved ones through every playthrough or episode that we happen to play. Don’t get me started on character deaths though, but it’s pretty amazing how much the death of a character can make us emotionally involved. But regardless, it’s an amazing element in the story that provides a connection between the player and the characters within the story.

You also get in insight on the character’s most innermost personality and how they would act during a time of crisis and the extent they are willing to go through for something or someone.

Ellie and Joel (The Last of Us)

Whether it be lending a helping hand or saving somebody’s life, heroic sacrifices are amazing things. Even those little things that you thought didn’t make an impact definitely do matter. I guess this was why I was so greatly affected when I read A Tale of Two Cities and how Carton is willing to give up his life for his loved ones.

Now I’m not telling anyone to go save people from burning buildings (unless you really have the ability to), but I do highly encourage to start small and work your way up. Make a difference and brighten someone’s day up a little, because it might brighten your day as well..


One thought on “The Heroic Sacrifice

  1. Great game. Played season 1, but got stuck on the last episode. Season 2 looks great as well. Won’t buy it until I beat season 1 though.

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