Tests, Stress, then Reset

With finals over with, a new semester lurks its way towards many of us. This might come as a relief for some of us since it starts us off with a clean slate, but serves as a reminder to some of us to not slack off as much as the last. I admit that finals week was an extremely stressful week along with the added anxiety of waiting for your final grades to be mailed home. But no matter what the awaited outcome it’s important to take a break, not worry, and reset your mind…

Now you may be wondering to yourself what this has to do with what I normally write about. Most video games, in a sense, are based off of a variety of decisions. Whether it be taking a left or right turn, or deciding between saving your beloved teammate and destroying your arch enemy, video games require a lot of choices. Now not all of your choices will even be correct or lead to the best endings or outcomes, but in the end you know you tried your best and you think to yourself: “Wow… I made it.” Because in the end you made your own effort and adventure and that’s what really counts.

“The ending isn’t any more important than any of the moments leading to it”                                  -Dr. Rosalene (To the Moon)

In relation to real life, it’s important not to get caught up with your mistakes and you’re wrong choices, but to simply learn from them. You also know deep within that you tried your best mentally, but maybe that lack of encouragement or guidance was all that was holding you back from your goal.

As a student, I have to constantly remind myself that my grades do not determine who I am, and that I should stop treating them as if they do. I also do know for a fact that grades are very important, but it’d probably be best if I didn’t believe that my life would be ruined over a couple of B’s or C’s. So this new semester thing (or perhaps it being a new chapter within your life).. It’s kinda like a second chance or a second life, or a chance to reset your way and to start over anew. Hrmm..

Anyways, if you personally are mentally exhausted over stress and grades, please take the time to take a break since it’d do no good to push yourself any further. This post was probably most beneficial towards my self-esteem, but hopefully it’ll at least affect somebody positively. I hope y’all have a wonderful new week!


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