To Infinity and Beyond! [Starbound]

About around Christmas time, I spent my days productively loitering around my room in whilst being completely and utterly bored. During the time I recently started getting into Let’s Plays on YouTube. One night I ran across a Youtuber that went by the name of RPGminx, I was immediately introduced to a game called Starbound upon visiting their channel.

Starbound is a 2D platform universe published by Chucklefish Games in December of 2013. The game is currently in its early beta stages (but I have yet to run into any game-breaking bugs).

I can unregrettably say that I spent more time than I should have watching adorable Let’s Plays of Starbound with her and her fiancée. After a while, I couldn’t help but to pick up the game myself which is I decision I don’t regret either.

Before starting your adventure on Starbound the game starts you off with a character creation:


Character Creation

The game allows you to pick your species and alter their appearance to your liking. Once you’ve named your character, you’re immediately placed onto a spaceship. The game gives you a light tutorial to start you off as you are transported on the planet that your ship is docked above. From here on out, the game is basically open-world. Progression through the game is made by defeating bosses and obtaining their exclusive drops to access more challenging sectors for your spaceship to access.

There is no hard-defined objective of Starbound other than to gather resources to improve your armor and weaponry to advance farther and into different sectors of the universe. Regardless, the game has a certain trait that makes it extremely addicting and hard to put down. Perhaps it’s the satisfaction of obliterating hostile aliens in your path? Or finishing your home that you spent ages collecting resources for? Whether it’s one or the other, or a combination of both the game is undoubtedly fun and amusing.


Game Progress

But perhaps a game doesn’t necessarily need an objective or storyline to make it a great game. We’ve clearly seen games like this before though (Minecraft, Terraria, DayZ, etc.). The game is storyline is just placed into our hands for our own interpretation; our chance to create the story and adventure ourselves. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s comparable to having random toys being placed in front of you as a child with no objective but to just “play and have fun” and leaving you to your own doings. In a way, it’s kinda like sparking your inner child’s imagination and curiosity. I suppose this is just a theory and that I’m probably crazy, but it’s kinda an interesting thought?

But nonetheless, the game was pretty great and impressive for being in early beta. I can’t wait to see what the developers will have for us in the near future!

“The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.” -Unknown


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