To The Moon

Hello guys! I apologize for the extremely long hiatus (kinda had a lot on my mind recently). But nonetheless, I am back and here with my thoughts on a game that I recently finished!


To The Moon

To The Moon is a game that I managed to come across as a suggestion after finishing Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Brothers, being a such a heart tugging experience, I began To The Moon ready for some tear-shed near the end which was ultimately what happened.

To The Moon is an indie Action RPG developed by Freebird Games. The game is a wonderful mix of tragedy, comedy, romance, and sci-fi. The game only provides about 4 hours of gameplay, but is a long enough time to get the story concluded leaving the player satisfied til the end.

The games takes the viewpoint of two doctors [Neil and Eva], which playability is switched between. Playing as the two doctors, their assigned job is to fulfill an old man’s [Johnny] dying wish to visit the moon by implementing artificial memories. To do this, the doctors use advanced machinery and technology to enter the thoughts and memories of the man. They are placed in a recent memory and must work their way back to the old man’s childhood to spark his desire to become an astronaut that would recode his future memories. The doctors travel back using sentimental mementos where we learn of the love story of the old man and his wife [River]. We tragically learn about the condition of the wife as she lives her life with a severe case of Asperger’s syndrome. River’s condition greatly affects the storyline later on. The doctors eventually reach one of the earliest memories of Johnny where they learn the reason of the his dying wish. During a carnival, Johnny meets River while stargazing on a hill. Before leaving, they promise each other that they would meet on the moon if they were to ever get lost. Johnny later on suffers from a tragic event and is succumbed into depression. He is given beta-blockers with the intention of erasing his most recent memories, which included his first encounter with River leaving him with a strange desire to visit the moon. On their second encounter, River notices that he forgot of their first meeting. As they re-spark their relationship River eventually develops an obsession to bring Johnny’s memories back, but is unsuccessful before she passes away.


All of this is not merely the whole storyline of the game. There are so many cracks and holes between the lines that I typed, but even writing it all would still not do it any justice on how deep and meaningful the story was from a personal experience. I would thoroughly enjoy for the few readers to experience the story for themselves.

Even with a provided rough summary of the game, I would like to share my thoughts on the game..

The dialogue was well-written making each characters’ personalities distinguishable. Although there was no voice acting, the punctuation and capitalization of the dialogue set the characters’ moods clearly. The music, whether it be a soft ballad or tense music, and sound effects of chirping birds or complete silence to build tension were such important factors in the game that created such a fit setting and mood. Although the graphics are not the best for its age, graphics are quickly forgotten as you are immersed into the storyline.

I first started the game with no intention of there being a love story added along. It added such a touching element into the game that made it even more difficult not to cry during the conclusion of the game (or even the beginning!). I thoroughly enjoyed the game’s ability to implement comedic moments through the dialogue which definitely left me with a smile on my face. Like many classical stories, it is quite interesting for  a game to inhibit a noticeable tone (whether it be irony or comedy!). The game overall is an unforgettable experience and a memory that I will forever hold on to in my journey through gaming.

I urge any readers to check this wonderful game and experience it themselves and to support the developers for their hard work. And as always, I leave you guys with a very important quote..



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