The Power of Giving

These past few weeks have been stressful as I was assigned a project where I had to innovate something in either my life or others’ lives (or both). Through all this stress, I ignorantly forgot what it meant to truly give out and help people out in the real world. I then recently remembered a past video that I came across. I hope it sparks an inspiration in you guys as it did for me…

I was kinda surprised that an advertisement would have such a heartwarming message.

I then realized that giving is so common in our lives that we often forget to do it ourselves. I’d like my fellow readers and gamers to take a few minutes of their time to check out these amazing sites that may spark interest (if you guys haven’t checked out these amazing sites yet).

Humble Bundle Logo

the Humble Bundle is an amazing website put together to allow people to pay the price they want for a bundle of games (or eBooks, Android apps, soundtracks) and lets the payer decide where they want their money to go (back to the producers of the game, to charity, or a nice tip to Humble Bundle).

There are many associated websites with the Humble Bundle, like Child’s Play (not the movie!) which gives toys and games to children in hospitals.

I believe that there are many forms of giving that can have just as much impact as sending money to charities. It can be even as simple as signing a petition that could potentially save a person’s life.

change1-1 is a wonderful website that allows people to petition on many subjects from education to human rights. It’s a nice website that I would definitely recommend checking out (for every signature makes a difference!).

There are hundreds of other websites that I could list on this single post, but I’d doubt anyone would be able to look through all of them in one sitting. Giving is such has such a big impact on our lives and to others. The act of giving to others is so broad that, I can guarantee, that many of us do it in our everyday lives subconsciously, whether it be helping a fellow student struggling in a class, or lending your friend a pencil. Each action holds a potential power of greatness that can turn someone’s terrible day around.

Concluding this post, I every single thought and action of giving can truly make a difference. From here on out, I can’t wait to get started on my project! And I shall leave you all with this quote:

“We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.”

-Andrew Ryan (Bioshock)


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