First Impressions: Torchlight II

Howdy folks! This here will be my first video game review. 🙂 Enjoy!

So recently one of my closest friend introduced me to a new RPG game named Torchlight II. Being a bit skeptical and hesitant about this game I decided to see how it all played out. After seeing the HUD and interface of the game, I thought automatically to myself “Wow.. This is a LOT like Diablo III.” If some of you may not know, Diablo III had been a recently popular RPG game released by Blizzard Entertainment. In my ignorance, I was informed that a few designers of Diablo I and II had teamed up to create Torchlight. After watching my friend play the game, I started becoming a bit interested in the gameplay and eventually went home to get the game myself. So here’s my thoughts on the gameplay!

In Torchlight II, you first start off by creating your own unique character by first picking a class; the engineer, outlander, berserker, or embermage, Now normally I would pick a class that would most closely represent a warrior or knight (which in this case had been the engineer), but I decided to go for something new so I picked the Berserker.


Torchlight II Classes

After picking your class, customizing your character to your own preference, and naming him/her you get to pick a companion to help fight alongside you.

Torchlight II Pets

Torchlight II Companions

The pet that I happened to pick was the wolf (which, along with the hawk, is not shown in the picture).

After being done with all the customization, my character was quickly placed into the world of Torchlight. You start off with a few tips along the way as you discover new things and level up, but aside from that there isn’t an in-depth tutorial (although I doubt anyone would truly need one). After warming up to the controls, I set off on my adventure.

So as of today, I managed to dedicate a few hours of gameplay into Torchlight II. The game gives you the satisfaction of destroying enemies within your path, and makes it exciting and fun altogether. The music is wonderfully done that I find myself sitting in place for a few minutes listening as it creates the atmosphere around my character. Ultimately, the game so far has not let me down and by the end of it all I hope to set up a full review of Torchlight II. Until then, I hope to my viewers a wonderful weekend.


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