What is a “Kamiden/Kami’s Den”?

I was recently asked the question: “If you could write about anything, what would it be about?” I took a few moments to think about that question, but the answer was clear as daylight in the back of my head. Asking any one of my family or friends this question would be just as obvious to them as it would to me. Any one of them would simply look at you straight in the eyes with a subtle hint of fear and answer, “Video games.”

Growing up with an older brother I never had the luxury of dolls and dresses, but instead I had endless hours of games from the handheld Gameboy to the 3DS as it is today. In short, I played a lot of games as I was growing up. This unfortunately led to my terrible eyesight and lack of social skills, but games were a part of my childhood that I would and will never regret.

Now some of you may be asking: “What is a ‘Kamiden’?” And I can tell you now that you have come to right place! Some of you make be familiar with the game Ōkami or even its sequel Ōkamiden. Long story short, in my attempt to create a completely original username (no sarcasm intended) with a reference of my favorite game I dropped the “O” from Ōkamiden and eventually the name has stuck to my very many profiles ever since. With a Japanese/Anime fanatic as a friend, I realized that the word “Kami” means “God” in Japanese. And thus, this is how I my username and blog title have been created.

Being a bit new to the whole “blogging” concept, I can hopefully provide my viewers of the future as a source of entertainment to the many months (or even years!) to come.

Here’s to the start of a new blog, and a new beginning.

The Sunset (Ōkami)


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