Observing Your Surroundings

Have you ever stared at a picture or gone to place and you immediately felt a sense of nostalgia or inspiration? Hopefully you have and were able to see how much of an impact your surroundings can do to set your mood.

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite

Setting is arguably one of the top most important things in video games, and various things in general, but what really makes it such a key factor in capturing the player’s attention?

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Love is in the Air

Everyone here probably knows how complex love/relationships can be. Whether it be from a significant other or a family member, it’s pretty difficult to maintain (at times). But really, love can be all fun and games… Literally.


It’s quite unfortunate that I couldn’t make this post during the week of Valentine’s, but hopefully it’s better late than never. I kinda wanted to touch upon a topic that’s been festering in the back of my mind. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a little romance now and again?

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Something seems fishy about this game.. [Classroom Aquatic]

I’m sure nearly everyone is familiar with that feeling as you stare blankly down at your test as everyone swiftly writes away at their own. And how all seems at a lost unless you turn to your last resort of staring at that smart neighbor’s test paper as they foolishly forget to cover it.

buuuutttt of course you decide against it because that probably wouldn’t look too good on your permanent record.. Unless you’re a foreign exchange student in a school full of dolphins.

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The Heroic Sacrifice

Remember that last remaining cookie that you gave to your starving friend? Or that time when you spent time helping your little brother/sister on their math problems? Whatever it was that you did to make a person feel better and regardless of how small it was, it was truly a noble sacrifice on your own part.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of that one would be willing to sacrifice so much for a loved one. It’s not even an uncommon thing as we see it on the news frequently of the amazing courage of both children and adults, but that doesn’t make it any less brave and heroic.

It kinda makes me wonder to myself if I were to be given the most unfortunate chance, would I risk my own life for someone I love? I’ll knock on wood just in case..

Lee and Clementine (The Walking Dead)

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Tests, Stress, then Reset

With finals over with, a new semester lurks its way towards many of us. This might come as a relief for some of us since it starts us off with a clean slate, but serves as a reminder to some of us to not slack off as much as the last. I admit that finals week was an extremely stressful week along with the added anxiety of waiting for your final grades to be mailed home. But no matter what the awaited outcome it’s important to take a break, not worry, and reset your mind…

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The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is an interactive game released as a mod in July 2011 by Galactic Cafe. The game got an HD makeover and was released on Steam on October of 2013.

The backstory of the game is short and simple in that you play as a character named Stanley. As Stanley, you are known to have worked in an office with a job of responding to orders on your computer by ‘pressing buttons’.

The job appears painfully dull but Stanley is happy with his job regardless. The story begins when Stanley arrives one day to his computer without a single order and with his co-workers missing.

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